Writing Portfolio

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I’ve tried to gather a sample of various articles written over the years. For a reasonably up to date summary of professional experience, you can stop by and read up on LinkedIn.

Alan Thorndike: From Puget Sound to Oxford, By Way of Ancient Greece. Profile of Pugent Sound come Oxford physicist, touching on his model of the Antikythera Mechanism. Tidewater Times, January 2018.

Following a Calling. An autobiography of faith and vocation. Tidewater Times, November 2017.

Taking the Shore by Paddleboard. Stand-Up Paddleboarding is rightfully gaining traction on the rivers and creeks around the Chesapeake Bay. Tidewater Times, June 2017.

Robert Morris: Man About Town. A look at the father and son Robert Morris’s, the younger, the financier of the American Revolution; the elder settled in Oxford, Md., from Liverpool, England. Tidewater Times, April 2017.

Oxford’s Yankee Pedler. The story behind the iconic miniature skipjack built in 1967 by Curtis Applegarth. Tidewater Times, March 2017

Winter Running: Escaping the Ordinary. When the going gets cold, the tough keep running. Outside. Tidewater Times, February 2017.

In Search of the Snow Bunting. A look at winter birding on Maryland’s Eastern Shore for Tidewater Times. January 2017.

From the Death Star to Dock Trees: The Evolution of Christmas. A personal look at Christmas over time for Tidewater Times. December 2016.

Norman Harrington’s Oxford. Feature article about historian/photographer Norman Harrington for Tidewater Times. October 2016.

Storytelling, Faith, and “The High Mountains of Portugal.” Feature article/book review of Yann Martel’s novel for Tidewater Times. September 2016.

Documenting Maryland’s Biodiversity. Feature article about the Maryland Biodiversity Project for Tidewater Times. August 2016.

The 4-1-Run – Blog that began as an exploration of distance and trail running, which evolved into creative writing and thoughts on life, family, you name it. February 2007 through July 2016.

Oxford Community Center’s Model Boat Show. Feature article written for Tidewater Times about the gathering of extraordinary craftsmen in Oxford. November 2015

The U.S. Coast Guard’s New Fast Response Cutters. Feature article for the Coast Guard’s Acquisition Directorate about the newest cutters being introduced to the fleet. Winter 2012.

Coast Guard Aircraft in the show “Coast Guard Alaska.” Feature article written for the Coast Guard’s Acquisition Directorate, interviewing key personnel from the show and senior leaders from Coast Guard Headquarters. December 2011.

The movie “The Adjustment Bureau” and the U.S. Coast Guard’s Response Boat – Medium. Feature article written for the Coast Guard’s Acquisition Directorate, interviewing Director George Nolfi, producer Chris Moore, and key Coast Guard personnel. April 2011.

“A Fastpacking Education.” Cover feature article for Trail Runner Magazine on the history and how-to’s of fast, light backpacking, interviewing some of the biggest names in the field and pulling from personal experience in the White Mountains. June 2008.

Explore and Restore: University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science’s Horn Point Laboratory. Feature article giving an overview and look inside UMCES Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, Md. Written for the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Magazine.

“From Books to the Field.” Feature article on Washington College’s Center for the Environment and Society, written for the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Magazine.